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GREENSBORO, N.C. – The pain of losing one child is almost unbearable for Lakesha Johnson.

“I don’t want to lose any more kids to Greensboro streets,” she said. “I’m sad that I’m not going to see or talk to my baby again.”

Johnson says word of what happened to her 21-year-old son Eric Johnson spread quickly across social media Saturday night.

Police say Eric Johnson and Caitlin Christina were both shot dead inside of a car.

It happened just before 7:30 p.m. as officers rushed to the parking lot area of Stonesthrow Apartment complex on Farmington Drive.

Hours later around 2 a.m. Sunday is when Johnson’s sister banged on her front door after seeing a social media post about what happened to Eric.

“We basically heard he was dead,” said Eric’s aunt, Shawnia Harris. “It was him, he was dead … and that’s how we found — out on Facebook.”

The last time Johnson saw her son was early Saturday morning.

That’s when someone in a green truck came to pick him up at their house.

She says he was on his way to Stonesthrow Apartments to meet someone who he trusted.

“Someone who he believed was his friend,” said Johnson.

Shortly after reading about what happened, Johnson and her sister took off.

“Going to hospitals, police department and looking for answers,” said Johnson.

Meanwhile, other family members started to hear the sad news about what happened.

“To wake up and hear this kind of news is devastating,” said Eric’s aunt, Cassandra Twine.

Harris said, “He was my world, my everything and he was like my own son.”

Johnson says when they arrived at the police station Sunday morning, the “rumors” on Facebook were confirmed.

“My baby was full of life and everyone loved him,” said Johnson.

Now the family is left with a horrible and heartbreaking void they’re determined to fill.

“We want closure and we’re not going to stop unless we do because that’s our baby and we love him,” said Harris.

Family members tell FOX8 that Eric’s body has been shipped to a medical examiner’s office in Raleigh.

They do expect to have his funeral in Elizabeth City where they’re originally from.