Mother of Greensboro shooting survivor reacts to alleged shooter’s arrest


GREENSBORO, N.C. — The mother of a man who survived being shot five times, in a shooting that killed another man, is reacting to the news that their alleged shooter has been arrested.

And making a plea we’ve heard several times over the past week.

“I think these young men should put the guns down,” said Jennifer Tally, mother of Diante Tally. “And do something with their lives.”

Diante and Nathaniel Pace II were at Mother Tuckers Eatery on Spring Garden Street in Greensboro around 1:15 on the morning of July 1. Pace was killed. A stranger, Dontae Ellis, was able to apply pressure to Tally’s wounds, helping to save his life.

“He said he didn’t even know he was shot. He was trying to get up, and he fell and that’s when he realized that he was shot,” Jennifer said, of her son’s recollection of the shooting. “He said he blacked out. He said, ‘Everything happened so fast, mama, it was like my life stopped right then.'”

On Wednesday, a week after Diante was shot, police arrested the man they say is responsible for the shooting. Tommie Javon Moore III was taken into custody in High Point and is now charged with first-degree murder and attempted first-degree murder.

“I was just ecstatic,” Jennifer said, of her reaction to the arrest. “I got off the phone, I was screaming and talking to my husband.”

Despite her excitement, Jennifer is still expressing angst over what she heard during the week she spent in the city where her son was shot.

“I went from being so hurt, to just being angry, and one reason I was angry was on my way leaving Greensboro, North Carolina, I was hearing different people got shot, and so and so is dead, and I cried and I said, ‘When is this going to stop?’ And I’m very angry that someone would do another human being like that,” Jennifer said. “Not just my child, but another human being like that.”

Pace was unfortunately just the first person to be killed in Greensboro in July. Over the next six days, another six people were killed in the city, prompting Greensboro Police Chief Brian James to address the community Tuesday afternoon.

“You’re killing our future,” James said. “You’re killing members of our community, and you’re destroying families.”

Yet, mere minutes after James’ comments, another two people were shot. Hours after that, another three people were shot.

“A lot of people say Black Lives Matter. Man, all lives matter. It doesn’t matter what color you are. I’m a parent, and if I was white, yellow, green, black, if one of my sons got shot, I’m gonna hurt. I’m gonna hurt period,” Jennifer said.

Jennifer added that her son has a long way to go but is ready to get back to doing “good” in his community.

Something she wishes those who are behind the violence would turn their focus to.

“I’m a parent, I want justice,” Jennifer said, of Moore. I’ll forgive you, but I want justice.”

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