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MONROE, La. — Six people lost their lives in a murder-suicide on Thursday night in Louisiana, police say, KNOE reports.

One mother reportedly shot and killed four of her children and her neighbor. She then turned the gun on herself.

Police say Brittany Tucker, who was identified as the shooter, shot and killed 20-year-old Antisha Logwood after asking her “What are you laughing at?”

Tucker then went back to her apartment and shot four of her children, according to police.

All of the children who were killed were younger than 12 years old, police say.

The children were identified as: Tremayne Tucker, 12; Treshelle Tucker, 8; Treasure Tucker, 5; and Gloria Tucker, 5 months old.

The victim’s families have been notified.

Police believe Tucker was dealing with mental health issues.

They say she had been seen recently waving a gun around while she walked around the apartment complex.

The gun was purchased legally days before the incident, police say.

Interim Police Chief Reggie Brown says if someone had got in contact with the Monroe Police Department, they believe this tragedy could have been prevented.

A chaplain was brought in to talk to the officers who responded to the call. Officials say they are devastated.

Brown encourages anyone who is dealing with mental health issues, or anyone who knows someone who is dealing with mental health issues, to call 911 or 211 for help