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KENT, Wash. — A mother is demanding answers after her daughter with special needs fell over in her wheelchair while on a school bus.

The incident was caught on surveillance video.

The video from January shows 7-year-old Charlotte McCollum sitting in her wheelchair on a school bus.

As the bus driver turns the corner, her wheelchair tips over and slams to the ground.

Staff rushes to her side.

“It scares me so much,” said Natasha Hall, Charlotte’s mom.

At the time of the accident, her mother didn’t think the injuries were that serious.

“As the next day wore on, she starts getting more and more vocal in her pain, and she can’t tell us because she’s non-verbal. She can’t tell us how bad it’s hurting,” Hall said.

The Kent School District says what happened was a mistake.

“We’re sorry, we apologize,” Kent School District spokesman Chris Loftis said. “Evidently we had a bus driver who’s responsible for securing students that are in wheelchairs and just did not appropriately secure that student.”

But Hall says this accident is the latest in a string of incidents since Charlotte was in pre-school.

“Unlike my son who can walk and talk, Charlotte is absolutely 100 percent vulnerable. It is like I am handing them an infant,” Hall said.

She says the district has repeatedly failed to protect her daughter and provide her with a proper education.

Charlotte’s parents even took the district to court.

A judge sided with the family, but Hall says the district is still not in compliance.

“I want her to be able to have the same experiences all children have, to be able to go to school, to have friends, to learn and to grow to the best of her abilities,” Hall said.

Hall says she isn’t giving up and she’s speaking out now since Charlotte can’t speak for herself.

Hall is also requesting that the Kent School District cover all of her daughter’s medical costs for injuries she suffers at school.