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GREENSBORO, N.C. — For detectives, the search for a missing person or a runaway never stops.

The same is true for Danielle Williams, who more a year later, hasn’t given up hope in finding her daughter.

“So this path was the last path that she walked. [She was] coming this way to see a friend,” said Williams, as she walked down the trail nearby her apartment complex.

It’s been nearly 500 days since her daughter Tyarra has been home at Stoneybrook Apartments in Greensboro.

“It’s a daily heartbreak,” Williams sighed.

Tyarra was 19 when she disappeared. She was getting ready to go to college. Her story brought the community together to search.

Hundreds of people shared her pictures online and billboards with a photo of her went up across the area.

“Every day you wake up and she’s not found it’s heartbreaking, but you get up, put on clothes and you keep moving forward with hopes to find her and continuing on,” Williams said.

Detective Jonathan Marshall with the Guilford County Sheriff’s Office has been investigating missing person cases for years.

“There’s always the thing in the back of your mind, what else could you be doing to help this case and sometimes it’s hard to separate that,” he said. “There’s a lot of resources that go into it, but you never lose hope until you find that person.”

He says no single case is ever the same, but he offers advice for parents.

“With all of the Facebook stuff going on, Instagram, Snapchat…you got to be in there monitoring your kids. Know who their friends are. Know where they are going,” he said.

As each day goes by, Williams and her family continue to search.

“Someone knows something. I just truly do not believe that people vanish from this earth,” she said.

Greensboro police say the case still remains open.

Williams is still passing out fliers, along with there being a “Help Find Tyarra Williams” page on Facebook.