More officers to patrol Atlanta airport following gun smuggling arrests


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ATLANTA — In the wake of a shocking discovery that guns were illegally being trafficked through the world’s busiest airport, Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed is taking action to prevent similar security failures in the future.

“We have deployed sixteen additional officers right away,” Reed said.

The Atlanta Police Department confirms that five officers were sent to the airport Tuesday, and the rest of the mayor’s plan will occur in stages over time.

Reed said the city police department has a duty, as protector of the runways that see more air traffic than any others across the country, to keep the facility running smoothly and safely.

The latest gun smuggling scheme involved insiders with access to secure entrance points. One of them was a Delta employee who helped to illegally carry more than 129 handguns and assault rifles onto flights between May and December.

“Anytime we see a weakness in our security framework, which was exposed by the gun-running scheme that was being operated by individuals between New York and Atlanta, we are going to act decisively,” Reed said.

When even the trusted employees of the airlines turn out to be involved in criminal activity, the new level of investigation and police work has to match what is being thrown at them.

We can expect that security measures and protocols facing every single person who has business on Hartsfield-Jackson property will increase accordingly.

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