More crime? More security. Greensboro may once again require businesses to increase security after violent crimes


GREENSBORO, N.C. — After what authorities call a rise in aggravated assaults – coupled with a need for more officers – the city plans to revisit its Entertainment Ordinance. 

As the state eases COVID-19 restrictions, the city has seen a slow up-tick in violent crimes.  

In late December of 2020, Mayor Nancy Vaughan introduced a city Entertainment Ordinance. It required that businesses have to increase security after a violent crime is committed at the location.

Police have stated that a number of these aggravated assaults happened in or around some of the nightclubs, bars and restaurants that have been open late.  

Mayor Vaughan has now asked for the city to find a way to hold locations and their owners accountable if crimes repeat there.  

“We have to look at where we can make an improvement. Certainly they are not responsible for all of the homicides, but that doesn’t mean they should be ignored. If you look at the headlines, headlines from across the country, where there’s alcohol, there’s drugs, bad things can happen.” 

On Sunday evening, four people received minor stab wounds while standing in the outside lobby and sidewalk outside of Tranquilo Bar and Restaurant.  

The victims are OK. However, police have not found a suspect. 

After the incident, Mayor Vaughan posted the following statement on Facebook.  

“Tranquilo was not very tranquil today. Reports of a possible stabbing/shots fired sent people running. It was a beautiful day in downtown Greensboro, until it wasn’t.  

This is not the first reported act of violence, in a bar or nightclub, this year. As bars, nightclubs and restaurants are allowed to increase capacity and people are feeling more comfortable being out again we are seeing a rise in violent acts and bad behavior.  

In December, in an effort to get ahead of this issue, I proposed a DRAFT ordinance to hold bad actors accountable for violent acts on, or directly related, to their premises. By itself, it won’t eliminate ALL shootings, aggravated assaults or homicides, but it will reduce them.  

This is a public safety issue. I am going to move forward with the proposed public hearings to get the input from stakeholders. That means anyone who has an interest in this ordinance (owners, promoters, patrons, law enforcement, or the general public) 

We cannot turn a blind to businesses that have a history of operating in an unsafe manner.  

Stay tuned…” 

The owners of Tranquilo say that they are not a location with repeat crimes and support the mayor’s decision.  

In a statement to FOX8, a spokesperson for Tranquilo said: 

We have been apprised of the events that transpired yesterday at Tranquilo Bar and Restaurant and are investigating the matter. There is nothing more important to us than the safety of our patrons and our Community. To the extent that Mayor Vaughn seeks a community response on how to ensure a safe and vibrant downtown experience for ALL of the citizens of Greensboro, we share in her call for a whole-of-community approach; and we look forward to participating after we have had an opportunity to obtain all the facts and information before putting out premature statements. 

Mayor Vaughan tells FOX8 that a virtual council will be held to hear from community members and business owners about ways to make improvements.  

An exact date has not been set.  

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