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Moped rider speaks out after surviving deadly crash on NC 62 in Guilford County; ‘I feel blessed’

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GUILFORD COUNTY, N.C. (WGHP) — A deadly accident has taken the life of a man driving an SUV after he collided with a moped on N.C 62 in Guilford County.

According to Highway Patrol, the accident happened Tuesday night. Troopers were called to the crash on the 1500 block of N.C 62 East near Monnett Road and southeast of Pleasant Garden.

William Chrzan said he was driving his moped home at the time when lights from a car were far away behind him but approaching quickly.

Chrzan said, as soon as he noticed the headlights, he moved over to the side of the road on the white line to give the driver room to go around. He said he looked in the rearview mirror again from side of the road to see the headlights closer than before and that’s when the SUV hit him. 

“Soon as I looked in the rear view, it’s like the lights flew right up on me and that’s when I felt the impact and got flown and was holding onto the bike as it was sliding across the ground,” said Chrzan.

Chrzan sustained cuts and bruises to the side of his abdomen, wrist, lower back and a swollen ankle. He said he’s blessed to be alive.

Troopers say a Toyota SUV, driven by Andrew Thomas Wyrick, 35, of Pleasant Garden, ran off the road after hitting the moped. Wyrick, who was not wearing a seatbelt, overcorrected and crashed into a tree. He died at the scene.

Chrzan told FOX8 he wishes both he and Andrew could still be alive. He wants to eventually speak with the Wyrick family to send condolences.

“Honestly, I wish both of us were still here. I feel like he was in a way safer vehicle, but I send my prayers out to his family. I feel blessed to still be here being on a moped .”

Chrzan wants drivers to be aware of two-wheeled vehicles and share the road to avoid future unforeseen circumstances.

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