Don’t let talk of supply chain issues pressure you into over-spending for the holidays

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(WGHP) — It’s important not to let the stress of holiday spending overshadow the spirit of the season.

This year, talk of inflation and supply chain issues has made buying feel more urgent.

Tim Maurer, Head of Wealth Management with Triad Financial Advisors, says you have to be careful that pressure doesn’t result in buyer’s remorse.

“Don’t allow the whole notion of supply chain issues to push you into gifts that you can’t afford to buy or don’t want to buy,” Maurer said.

He supports taking advantage of holiday deals, as long as you can really afford them.

Creating a budget and sticking to it can help you avoid compulsive purchases.

“All too often we still have people paying off holidays from the previous year in St. Patrick’s Day of the following year,” Maurer said.

Planning ahead is the best way to avoid financial stress next year. Maurer recommends looking at what you spend this year and divide by 12. That’s the amount you should put away each month in 2022.

He also says it is important to remember that gift-giving is not about a dollar amount, it’s about showing you care.

“I realize it might be easiest and quite frankly safest and less risky to just buy gift cards for everybody. But the truth of the matter is, that gift card is never going to be worth a dollar more or a cent more than the value that’s already placed on it. Whereas, if you put a little bit of heart and soul behind a gift that actually has some meaning behind it, the truth is that gift could be even more rewarding to the person you’re giving to because of the personalized factor,” Maurer said.

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