Mom says school assignment promotes body-shaming

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LEXINGTON, Ky. — A Kentucky parent says a worksheet at her daughter’s school is a clear case of body-shaming, WKYT reports.

Laura Lee Lewis says when going through her first-grade daughter’s assignments she came upon a worksheet that made her concerned.

“They had to teach the kids the words for descriptions for things. But I think to use those words with those pictures…really bothered me more than anything,” Lewis said.

Students had to circle what a cow was and what a hill was, but what shocked and angered Lewis is the use of an image of a girl to describe “fat.”

“And I had to explain to her that it was body shaming,” Lewis said. “Even if it was a skinny girl for the example for skinny. I feel like that would still be body shaming that person because some don’t want to be called that.”

Laurel County school officials released a statement saying no parents have contacted them because of this but because of it they are reviewing their curriculum.

Lewis says the worksheet was given in a reading mastery class.

She says they could have used something besides people, especially children for the word description.

“They could have used an animal,” Lewis said. “Or like I gave an example of a cupcake. That could have even used. A bigger cupcake or a little cupcake and say ‘which one is fat?'”

Lewis says she was bullied as a child and believes such things could lead to more problems for her daughter and others.

“My daughter is already aware of it. She had heard somebody call somebody else ‘fat’ at school, and she was like ‘that’s not right. You shouldn’t do that,'” Lewis said.

Lewis says she isn’t blaming the teachers but believes the curriculum needs to be checked out to make sure it’s not offensive.

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