Mom says 9-month-old daughter got sick after drinking tampered baby formula from Walmart


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PHOENIX, Ariz. — It wasn’t until her 9-month-old daughter got sick that an Arizona mother realized something was off with her baby formula.

Madeline Roque told KPNX that her daughter, Adeline, had a frightening few days, and she says it’s all because someone swapped out the contents of a baby formula package with flour.

The Arizona attorney general is now investigating.

Roque says her daughter was crying and refusing to drink from her bottle.

“She was throwing up throughout the day, passing a lot of gas. I just knew something was wrong,” Roque told KPNX.

Then, she took a closer look at the formula she bought from Walmart.

The color and the texture were off, and after letting it sit for a while, she saw the “formula” separate in a way formula never does.

“Then when I poured the bottle into the sink, and I saw how it got. That’s when it just hit me,” Roque said. “I saw how it clumped up, and, in my head, I’m like, ‘My daughter’s stomach is just the same or even worse.”

Walmart told KPNX that, as per store policy, workers do not put products back on the shelf once they’ve been returned. All the same, the store is looking into what happened.

If the formula was, in fact, swapped and put back on the shelf, it wouldn’t be the first time.

Tucson police reported in May 2017 that a woman had been buying baby formula, replacing the contents and returning the formula to the store.

Police warn that people should pay attention to the seal or lack thereof and take note if the formula smells “odd.” If it doesn’t seem right, contact police.

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