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CHEROKEE, N.C. — Three western North Carolina children who were reported missing nearly two years ago have been located and a warrant has been issued for their mother’s arrest.

In November 2014, police on the Cherokee Indian Reservation said Shira Raman Mattocks was having custody issues involving her three children. Family members indicated through social media that the children, ages 3 months to 8 years, were allowed supervised visits with Mattocks, but it was believed she had taken the children and left the area.

Police said the children’s fathers had custodial rights at the time they disappeared.

The search continued for James Paul Owle, Samuel George Owle and Evelyn Grace Arneach until Wednesday when relatives posted photos on Facebook of the children being reunited with the family.

Warrants have been issued charging Mattocks with three counts of international parental kidnapping, according to Swain County public court records.

Source: WHNS