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GREENSBORO, N.C. — Friday would normally mark the North Carolina State Board of Elections deadline to finish counting every vote in this election.

This year, an extension was granted due to record-breaking absentee ballot requests.

FOX8 has been following the federal case unfolding in a Washington, D.C. courtroom after ballots were found to have not left local mail processing facilities on time.

Seventy-seven ballots were found during two different sweeps in Greensboro USPS facilities on Thursday. They’ve already been delivered to the Guilford County Board of Elections office.

FOX8 is still waiting to see if any additional ballots were found during Friday’s sweeps.

FOX8 crews started the day at a United States Postal facility on Yanceyville Street in Greensboro, trying to catch postal employees collecting any absentee ballots they found.

Charlie Collicutt, the director for the Guilford County Board of Elections, said post office plant managers and district managers were checking every USPS post office and building.

“I know they worked hard to get us all of the ballots they could,” he said. “I really don’t know what to expect.”

FOX8 crews did not see anyone at the four different locations they traveled to.

A request to get inside the buildings was denied.

On Thursday, 48 ballots were found in a morning sweep. An additional 29 ballots were located in the afternoon.

These ballots are in addition to the absentee ballots that have been coming into the Board of Elections office for the past few days.

“We can’t do anything with them. We’re just kind of sorting and storing them and locking them up for when we can count them,” Collicutt said.

The next ballot count is set for Nov. 12.

Until then, election workers are checking postmarks to make sure they meet the deadline.

“It’s not a huge quantity like some of the other states that have a huge buildup of ballots,” Collicutt said. “We’re talking about a couple of days’ worth of ballots.”

They’ve also been busy with audits.

It all adds up to North Carolina possibly being the last state to present election results.

“[We] may be. I’ve seen other states doing stuff as they go. I don’t know what that means… if they finish before or after us on Friday,” Collicutt said.

Representatives from each party are able to observe the counting of these ballots next week.

If anyone has questions about their vote, they can call their local board of elections office.

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