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ASHEBORO, N.C. –Crystal Faulkner is known by women around the world as Mrs. Happy Homemaker.

“I’ve always been known for baking everything from scratch and the nickname kind of stuck,” said the stay-at-home mother of three who makes a living running

Each month over a half-a-million people log on to her website for her down home easy recipes, tips around the house and ideas on saving money.

“When I was starting out I didn’t know how to cook so I try to focus on those recipes that taught me how to cook like I can now.”

She runs the website from her kitchen in Asheboro where readers can find help in everything from making homemade detergent to homemade coffee creamer.

“Most are items that you can find in your local mom and pop store are the kind of things that I grew up eating,” said Faulkner who specializes in Southern food but shares easy recipes for Mexican, Chinese and even fast food favorites.

Corporations now turn to her for her opinions on their products as stay at home moms look to her for ways to save money.

“To save on the holiday dinner you really got to plan ahead.  You’ve got to watch the sales at the grocery stores usually the week before Christmas starts,” says Faulkner who recommends you save coupons now to use the week before Christmas.

“Wait till the week before which is going to be the best deals.”

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