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GUILFORD COUNTY, N.C. — A local Democratic candidate’s win could be helping the entire party across the state.

Senate District 27 candidate Michael Garrett defeated Republican opponent Trudy Wade by less than 800 votes during the midterm election.

“It is an honor of a lifetime,” Garrett said.

Wade’s loss is one of the races that could be taking away the Republican supermajority in the North Carolina Senate. The House also lost its supermajority this election.

We sat down with Jason Husser, an associate professor of political science at Elon University, to figure out what exactly that means for you.

“Gov. Cooper essentially had no veto power, no legislative authority for the last two years because anything he vetoed could be overturned by the General Assembly,” Husser said. “Now, that’s changed.”

Husser says Republicans are still in the driver’s seat but they will need to work closer with the governor and Democrats to get things passed.

“You will see a general slowdown of the Republican agenda in North Carolina,” Husser said. “We’ll see less pieces of legislation that will actually become a law that the Republican Party wanted to see.”

Husser also said the loss of the Republican supermajority increases the power of the Democratic-controlled supreme court.

“It will be a lot harder for Republicans to push laws down our throats,” said Nicole Quick, Guilford County’s Democratic Party chair. “They will have to fight a little bit more for it.”

Quick hopes this allows her party to make some headway with Medicare and education funding.

Garrett believes his win proves people want to see both parties reach across the aisle.

“I’m hopeful and optimistic that after last night’s election that a clear signal was sent to Raleigh that the old way of doing business has got to come to an end and that the people of North Carolina expect us to work together,” Garrett said.

Wade told us she was not available for an on-camera interview. She instead sent us the following statement:

“It has been an honor to serve the citizens of Guilford County for the last six years. I appreciate the support and votes I received during the campaign. I am proud of the accomplishments that have been made in the North Carolina Legislature over my three terms.

“I look forward to returning to full time work with my four legged friends.”