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CHARLOTTE, N.C. — A first grade teacher in Charlotte was pleasantly surprised by one student’s reaction to a video explaining Memorial Day.

Memorial Day is more than a day off of work or a cookout.

For Emily Rose Fontanta, a first grade teacher at Pineville Elementary, Memorial Day is very close to her heart.

“My dad has put so many years into the military and has watched so many best friends pass away,” she told WCNC. “So I am a big believer to still teach the real meaning of Memorial Day.”

Her father is a Vietnam veteran, so she decided to show her class a 10 minute video to explain what the holiday is all about.

That’s when she noticed one of her students saluting the screen throughout the 10 minute video while tears rolled down his face.

“It shows how small a child can be and have one of the biggesssttttt hearts I have ever witnessed,” Fontana wrote, according to WCNC.