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(WGHP) — Meet the tiger salamander.

These large amphibians are poisonous but not a danger to humans as long as you give them their space.

However, quite a few smaller critters should be afraid of tiger salamanders since they have a large appetite, and the poisonous substance they secrete repels predators.

They are reclusive and prefer to live alone in underground burrows. You’re not likely to see one, but you’re also less likely to see any small snakes or insects if a tiger salamander is around.

Tiger salamanders have a large appetite and will eat:

  • baby snakes
  • snails
  • fish
  • fish eggs
  • frogs
  • insects
  • insect larvae
  • slugs

In North Carolina, they like upland areas with lots of sand, sandhills or flatwood vegetation, according to the NC Wildlife Resources Commission.