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RALEIGH, N.C. — Gov. Pat McCrory said Friday during an end of the 2013 legislative session press conference at the governor’s residence that he has signed the state’s yearly budget totaling nearly $21 billion.

According to WTVD, McCrory said he’ll also sign several other controversial bills sitting on his desk including access to abortions and voter rights.

As for bills the McCrory says he might not sign, one would screen some people applying for public assistance for drug use. He said the concept is sound, but the bill is written poorly.

He also said a bill full of regulatory changes goes too far in a couple of spots, and may need to be reworked.

McCrory said he has accomplished 20 of 22 objectives he laid down in his State of the State speech in January. The two things not tackled were pay raises and an energy bill.

He also said that five of the six legislative agendas have been accomplished.

North Carolina lawmakers approved the $20.6 billion, two-year budget, Wednesday. The Senate passed the plan 32-17. The House voted 65-53. The General Assembly’s annual session concluded Friday. They will return next spring to adjust the second year of the spending plan.

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