(KTLA) — Come on Barbie, let’s go to the theme park!

Mattel is launching its first-ever theme park in Glendale, Arizona. Mattel Adventure Park will highlight all of its brands such as Barbie, Masters of the Universe, Hot Wheels and Thomas & Friends.

The city first made the announcement last year in a press release. However, there’s no exact date as to when the park will open, but according to Travel and Leisure, it will open sometime in 2024.


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“From rides and attractions that appeal to the tiniest of tots, to a double-looping launch coaster designed for speed, to a flying theater adventure that shoots for the stars – Mattel Adventure Park is built to delight guests of all ages,” the park’s website read.

Barbie fans will be able to live in their own Barbie world by hanging out in the Barbie Beach House. The exhibit will feature the Barbie flying theater, which will take “riders on a journey from deep underwater to outer space.”

“Our unique indoor/outdoor design keeps your family cool and comfortable on even the hottest Arizona day with acres of air-conditioned space for your enjoyment,” the park website read.

The space is to be about nine acres large.

Mattel Adventure World
Mattel Adventure World coming to Glendale, Arizona (Photo: Mattel)

Visitors can even dress like Barbie through the Dream Closet Experience.

The “state-of-the-art hologram technology” will “help curate the ultimate wardrobe.”

Guests can rest their feet and try a signature pink cocktail at the Barbie Rooftop while also enjoying “panoramic views of the property.”

“Mattel Adventure Park will be even more engaging and entertaining at launch, with the addition of these iconic Mattel brand experiences,” said Julie Freeland, Senior Director, Global Location Based Entertainment, Mattel. “The expansion of this flagship attraction brings together the largest representation of Mattel’s beloved brands in a live space as never before.”

The park currently has a Facebook page and recently posted a graphic featuring an animation of some of the experiences expected.

The park will feature a nine-hole mini golf attraction that will also be an immersive experience with some Mattel Games.

Imagine playing golf while also dealing with some Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots.

For fans of Master of the Universe, the iconic Castle Grayskull will be transformed into an over 4,500 square-foot laser tag arena. Fans will “have the power to fight for Eternia.”

“We are extremely excited to add Barbie, Masters of the Universe and Mattel Games-themed attractions and rides to an already outstanding offering in development at the first-ever Mattel Adventure Park. We have spared no expense to bring these iconic brands to life in ways that will delight visitors of all ages for years to come,” said Mark Cornell, President, Epic Resort Destinations.

A camera monitoring the construction of the park is currently up on the Mattel Adventure Park website.