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DAVIDSON COUNTY, N.C. – A man is speaking out after being the victim of road rage in Davidson County.

Jacob Greenleaf was driving on Old Highway 52 around 1 a.m. Friday. He just dropped off his friend and was on his way home.

That’s when he encountered a white sport utility vehicle that was pulling out of a drive way. He honked his horn.

“They sort of stopped and backed up a little bit,” Greenleaf said.

He thought everything was alright. It wasn’t until he got near his neighborhood that Jacob realized the car had followed him home.

Greenleaf knew he couldn’t reveal where he lived.

“I didn’t think it was smart to pull into my driveway,” Greenleaf said. “Everyone was asleep.”

He tried his best to lose the driver. That’s when he left the neighborhood and headed to a Sheetz gas station and called 911.

Investigators responded to the Heritage Manor neighborhood and noticed the vehicle as it was leaving the area.

Deputies say within seconds, the white SUV sped off and a dangerous chase began.

It finally ended with a crash in Winston Salem. Police say the two suspects ran away.

During that time, Greenleaf went home and wrote a note to his parents.

It was to inform them in the morning about what happened and why he had to park his car down the road and walk home.

“I’m a little rattled,” Greenleaf said. “I’m not sure what to think, who these people are.”

The Davidson County Sheriff’s Office has confirmed the SUV was stolen out of Winston Salem.