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WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. — Winston-Salem police are investigating the city’s fifth homicide of the year after a man was shot and killed at the end of a dead-end road Tuesday morning.

“We [have] never had [anything] happen like that,” said Harry Andrews, who lives about a half-dozen houses away from where the man was killed.

Police say two people called in to report shots being fired around 9:40 on Mount Vernon Avenue, which is off Old Greensboro Road. One of the callers said they saw a man running away from the scene.

When officers arrived, they found a man — identified Tuesday night as 39-year-old Ramiro Marin Mendoza — dead at the end of the road, which is only a few dozen feet away from Business 40.

“It really [doesn’t make] sense, all this killing and stuff going on,” said Harry Andrews’ brother, Willie. “It just [doesn’t make] sense.”

Harry and Willie, ages 77 and 73 respectively, were unaware that someone had been killed at the end of the road until they were notified by FOX8. In the meantime, they had been spending their Tuesday cleaning up the yard of Harry’s home, where he’s lived for about 60 years.

“It’s kind of, made me kind of on the shaky side,” Harry said.

For Willie, it’s a tragic occurrence, which presents itself far too often.

“You never know where it’s at, you never know where it’s gonna happen,” he said. “I just hope people get along.”

Harry, who has to sleep a few hundred feet from where the shooting happened, is left fearing for his safety.

“I’m afraid, I mean, he’s still out there somewhere,” he said, of the shooter. “I’m really afraid. I’m afraid to live in this neighborhood with something like that. There [isn’t anywhere] else I can go. I’ve been here all these years.”