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LEXINGTON, N.C. — A fox is being tested for rabies after attacking a man.

Lexington police say the struggle happened on Mt. Moriah Drive Tuesday night.

Ronald Jowers said he was on the phone sitting in a chair outside when the fox jumped from behind some bushes.

“I heard something in the bushes and then all the sudden I heard something leap and it hit me in my side,” Jowers said.

Jowers used a hammer to fight it off.

“It wouldn’t let go,” Jowers said.

On Wednesday, Jowers told us he received more than a dozen shots after getting bit in the stomach and legs.

The Davidson County Health Department is expecting to get test results Thursday that will reveal if a fox had rabies.

Ronlad is anxiously awaiting the results.

“I’m hoping for negative results because those shots are no joke. They are not. It is painful,” Jowers said.

Jowers says, either way, he will have to get more shots as a precaution.

“I just thank God I’m still here and it didn’t go for my throat,” Jowers said.

Ruby Moore lives in the same complex. She’s worried there could be more foxes in the area.

“I always keep watch of what comes out of them words,” Moore said. “If I can get up fast enough, I go inside and lock my the door.”