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GIBSONVILLE, N.C. — Richard Hall got a surprise he didn’t anticipate Saturday morning waiting on his front porch.

“I have seen a package…wrapped in the plastic bags you go buy groceries or so,” Hall said.

It wasn’t groceries. Hall took a look inside the bag and saw something suspicious.

“I just put my hand down, raised it up and said it looked like a big firecracker. I put it back down, folded it back up and went in the house to call the police,” Hall said.

Around 7 a.m., Wood Street was blocked off, and police swarmed the area.

“A suspicious device sort of like some black powder. It was some firecrackers, and it was a fuse in there,” said Chief Ron Parrish with the Gibsonville Police Department.

Gibsonville police and Greensboro’s Police Bomb Squad Unit asked neighbors if they saw or heard anything.

“It has the community very upset, and we’re upset,” Parrish said.

Hearing loud shots and seeing suspicious behavior in this neighborhood isn’t out of the ordinary these past six months. Neighbors off camera say it’s unsettling, and they want this nightmare to end.

“I would want to be able to go to bed at night and sleep soundly knowing I don’t have anything to worry about, and that’s our goal,” Parrish said.

Gibsonville police are keeping watch on the neighborhood, and their reward is $1,000 for anyone with information. You can call Alamance County Crime stoppers at (336) 229-7100 or Guilford County Crime stoppers at (336) 373-1000.