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MIDLAND COUNTY, Mich. — Dale Hopfinger is a patriot. He feels it’s his duty to go to the polls. It’s something he’s done every election here at Lee Township Hall in Midland County since 2003.

Imagine the surprise when he showed up to the polls on Nov. 4 ready to cast his ballot once again, and was told he couldn’t.

“Said, no he’s deceased, so he can’t vote,” Hopfinger told WNEM.

But even with his identification in hand proving who he was, a poll worker told him township records show that he was dead. In fact, they claimed he died on Sept. 25.

Eventually he convinced the township clerk he was in fact alive, and they allowed him to vote.

Hopfinger said there was a lot of confusion walking into Lee Township Hall and finding out he was dead. He said he is now working on finding the source of the problem. He’s reached out to the Social Security Office, and they told him it was a clerical error.

“The way she was saying was it was probably just a typing error on the Social Security Number is all it was, she’s thinking, but like I say, I don’t know, I don’t know how to find out,” said Hopfinger.

Hopfinger will meet with representatives at Bay City’s Social Security office on Friday.

Hopfinger says his assumed “death” also stopped him from co-signing on a new car for his daughter,

And he’s worried it could hurt his credit score.