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BROOKSIDE, Ala. — Police in Brookside, Ala., say they found a suspect curled up and asleep in a dryer Wednesday.

Michael Christopher Davis was found after police told WBRC they heard what sounded like snoring.

“I was trying to hide and y’all just stayed too long,” Davis told police. “I fell asleep.”

Sgt. Watkins said they found Davis folded up, “…like he was in a shirt pocket.”

Before arresting Davis, several people inside and outside the home were caught in the middle of some type of drug operation.

While police were taking inventory of the items that were found in plain sight, they began to hear the snoring coming from the dryer.

“Our officers have worked hard and put in a lot of overtime this month in a concentrated effort to put a dent in the drug trade in our community,” the department wrote on Facebook. “We have had some really scary times, as well as some really funny ones!”

Officers with the Brookside Police Department are still searching for Jennifer Lynn Higgenbotham in connection with the drug operation.