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STEUBEN COUNTY, Ind. — It was a flat tire that led troopers to a driver with a blatently-faked license plate, according to WSBT.

At about 2:30 p.m. on Friday, Joshua Anthony Lewis-Brown, 20, of Rochester, N.Y., was standing beside his Toyota Corolla near mile marker 147 on Toll Road after a tire blew.

Indiana State Police pulled over so they could help the stranded driver.

That’s when the noticed something was off about the car’s license plate, according to WSBT.

Troopers say that, instead of a license plate, the car had a piece of paper with numbers written on with crayon.

Lewis-Brown also did not have a license.

After running the vehicle identification number, troopers discovered the car was stolen from State College in Pennsylvania a day earlier.

The owner had left it running and unlocked outside of a grocery store when someone stole it.

Lewis-Brown is charged with possession of stolen property and operating without ever obtaining a license, WSBT reports.