Man arrested in Greensboro courthouse shooting faces more than 2,000 months in jail

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GREENSBORO, N.C. — FOX8 is continuing to learn about one of the men involved in a deadly shooting outside the Guilford County courthouse in Greensboro last Monday.  

Police arrested Sterling Tyler Friday night, and our cameras were in court as he made his first appearance.  

The 18-year-old faces 14 charges and more than 2,000 months in jail. 

Those charges include stealing a vehicle, attempted a murder of a 16-year-old girl and last Monday’s shooting.  

Tyler remained silent as a judge read off three pages worth of charges. 

He is charged with discharging a 9mm handgun into the Guilford county sheriff’s office. 

Three people were shot and one man, 20-year-old Avion McLean, did not survive. 

In the courtroom, we saw a man visibly upset as Tyler appeared on a close circuit television for his appearance. 

We watched him leave the courtroom when the hearing ended and when we stopped him outside the courthouse, he told us he was not interested in talking about the case.  

A push to get Tyler’s bond raised above $1.1 million was met with this argument from a public defender:

“Your Honor, given the nature of the crimes charged, it is certainly within the guidelines. But these are, at this point, just charges. He certainly isn’t going to be able to make it. He was given a $100,000 bond last week, and he wasn’t able to make that, so we ask Your Honor to consider anything but Your Honor’s discretion,” said Chief Public Defender John Nieman. 

The judge kept the bond at $1.1 million. 

Police tell FOX8 they are actively working this case and are still not ready to comment on if the bullets an outside company police officer fired were the deadly shots. 

We do know that officer remains on paid administrative leave. 

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