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MARION COUNTY, Ala. — A man in Alabama was arrested and charged with a misdemeanor after he admitted to killing his neighbor’s dog that was found dead with a cord wrapped around its neck, investigators say, WBMA reports.

When he was questioned by investigators, Donald Nix said he killed his neighbor’s Siberian Husky, Koda, that was found on Oct. 26, according to Haleyville police.

Brandon Mithcell, Koba’s owner, believes Nix dragged the dog behind his truck until it died.

“I’m pretty furious about it, you know? The dog ain’t ever hurt nobody,” Mithcell said. “He spent a lot of time in the neighborhood pretty much making friends with everybody.”

Nix was charged with cruelty to a dog or cat in the second-degree.

He would face around a year and jail and upwards of $6,000 in fines if he’s convicted.

“You’d have to be a cruel person to do something like that to an animal,” Mitchell said.