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HOUSTON — A man proposed to his girlfriend only to allegedly kill her four days later, KTRK reports.

Moments before midnight on New Year’s Eve, Kendrick Akins, 39, proposed to Dominic Jefferson, his girlfriend of three months and a mother of three children.

Jefferson’s mother, Tina Hunter, watched as the proposal was streamed live on Facebook.

“I thought she had finally found the man of her dreams,” she said. “It turned out it wasn’t the man of her dreams. It was the nightmare of her life.”

Then, early Saturday morning, an argument led to a gunshot.

A probable cause affidavit says, during the argument, Jefferson shouted, “Shoot me,” KTRK reports. Then, Akins allegedly did.

A witness reportedly tried to intervene, and the suspect shot at them as well.

“This needs to wake women up to do their research on who they’re letting into their lives,” Hunter said.

Akins turned himself in to police.