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LAFAYETTE, La. — The 21-year-old who was gunned down at a movie theater in Louisiana Thursday night had big plans to marry her high school sweetheart after she finished college, her family told the New York Daily News.

Mayci Breaux was studying to become a radiology technician at Louisiana State University at Eunice.

She and her longtime boyfriend, Matthew Rodriguez, talked frequently about getting married and having children, according to Breaux’s parents.

“They were so good for each other. They had so many plans — just to get married, have kids. I think it would have been soon,” Dondie Breaux, Mayci’s mother, told the New York Daily News. “I feel angry that she was right there in front of him. I feel just angry and lonely. I’m just heartbroken.”

Breaux and Rodriguez grew up together, but their romance didn’t bloom until high school.

Ali Breaux, the victim’s sister, said she remembers being in the car with Mayci when her high school crush first Facebook messaged her.

“He was that hot guy,” Ali Breaux told the New York Daily News. “She was so excited.”

The couple was living together in Lafayette and planned to tie the knot after Mayci’s graduation in 2017.

“I always wanted what they had because it was just so great. They never fought,” Ali Breaux told the New York Daily News. “We talked about her wedding, how I’d be her maid of honor, about us having kids at the same time, how we’d all be close.

Breaux and Rodriguez were sitting in the back row of the theater watching “Trainwreck” when she was fatally shot by Alabama gunman, John Houser.

Rodriguez was also shot in the chest but was not critically injured.

“I didn’t believe it. I didn’t want to believe it,” her mother told the New York Daily News. “I lost one of my best friends.”