(WGHP) — A lineup of five planets will be visible across the early-morning sky this month, according to NASA.

Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn are the main attraction, but Mercury, the closest planet to the sun, may also make an appearance.

The morning of June 4 will be the best time to see the planets.

“All five naked-eye planets will line up in the dawn sky in June. Not only that, they’ll also be in their proper order from the sun,” Sky & Telescope said in a statement.

If you want to see all the planets, make sure to be ready about 30 minutes before the sun comes up. Venus, Mars, Saturn and Jupiter won’t be tough to find in the sky. You’ll need to be observing from a place with a clear view to see Mercury.

Check Timeanddate.com to find your local sunrise time. 

Make sure to look out for the crescent moon along with the planets on June 23.

Mercury should also be visible on June 24.