Long-awaited laptops handed out to Guilford County teachers


GREENSBORO, N.C. — Long-awaited laptops have arrived for Guilford County teachers.

School district leaders ordered 79,000 Macbooks, iPads Chromebooks and ThinkPads to keep teachers and students more engaged during virtual learning. 

The first shipments were dropped off at Gillespie and Bluford Peeler Elementary Schools to kindergarten through third grade teachers.

Once all the devices arrive, every student and teacher in the district should have the technology they need to connect with each other.

“I’ve moved from voice over type things to full live instruction to multiple screens and switching to different apps. It’s ever evolving. Just like teaching is for our kids,” said Allison Harman, a first-grade teacher at Bluford Peeler Elementary School. 

From the classroom to the computer screen, teachers are dependent on technology and devices that are reliable. 

“It’s an everyday supportive device that we need,” added Cindy Donnell, a Bluford Peeler Kindergarten teacher.

They’ve been dealing with using older devices to connect with students for the past few months. 

“A lot of them, we had poor connections, and they weren’t as child friendly for teachers or the students,” Donnell said. 

15 teachers at the school got an upgrade Monday: brand new Macbooks. 

“We’ve already lost so much time, so just keeping them engaged and focused,” Harman said. “If the technology is failing, it’s not going to keep [the kids] engaged.” 

Dr. Candace Salmon-Hosey, the Executive Director of Technology Services with Guilford County Schools, told FOX8 that remote learning has challenged teachers to change their mindset on how to teach and embrace the remote experience. 

“At the end of the day, it’s about the student reaching the child,” she added. 

Because the demand for new devices across the country is so high, the district is doing their handouts in phases.

Teachers will also receive training on the new devices.

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