Local Greensboro activist reacts to the news of Breonna Taylor announcement


GREENSBORO, N.C. — Cities across the country are erupting in protest after a grand jury didn’t charge an officer directly in the death of Breonna Taylor. With hearts heavier than before, people are taking to the streets once again to fight what many say is a broken judicial system.

“It’s sad that we have to continuously go through this cycle. You don’t even know how to really react because you’ve gone through this time and time again,” said Anthony Morgan, a local Greensboro activist. Morgan was just one on the frontline marching in Greensboro after the death of George Floyd.

“We were in the streets all summer. You know, all across the world. So you know with this Breonna Taylor situation that was an opportunity for the system to get it right, that was a chance for them to do what’s right and serve justice. I wish we didn’t have to go out tonight and rally behind a situation like this,” Morgan said.

A local group, Greensboro Rising, held a march Thursday evening dedicated to Breonna Taylor. Morgan says this is also dedicated to the Black women everywhere.

“For them to feel safe and express and use their voices to express their pain,” Morgan said.

Several business owners in downtown Greensboro boarded up their windows ahead of the march. One business owner told FOX8 he wanted to take precautions after seeing the damage done in Durham Wednesday night.

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