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GREENSBORO, N.C. — What was once a friendly neighborhood in Hawaii is now a field filled with oozing lava.

It was a heart wrenching sight for Greensboro Fire Department Captain Joel Wood — one that he’ll never forget.

Wood is part of the A-team. The first North Carolina emergency management team to head to Hawaii during the dangerous volcano activity back in the middle of May. The call for help lasted for two weeks.

He’s now back in Greensboro while Deputy Chief Jim Robinson is on the front lines of the hot lava.

The deputy chief is one 10 people from across the state serving as part of a second emergency management team.

“In one night we lost 45 homes and the next night was very similar,” Robinson said via video chat.

It’s something he says nothing could prepare him for as he watched dozens of families lose everything in a matter of hours.

“With everything they had in a grocery bag, and that’s all they had, and had nothing to go back to,” Robinson said.

Wood says his team landed just 25 miles from Kilauea volcano.

All the Carolina crews are charged with helping the evacuation process.

While we witness the unbelievable images of the lava erupt across the big island, it’s the underground eruptions crews battle everyday.

“As a firefighter you want to do something about it, but there’s absolutely nothing you can do,” Wood said.