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KERNERSVILLE, N.C. — The smell evokes memories from years, decades, even centuries past — the piney ambiance resonating throughout your home. It only comes from one source: Christmas trees.

It’s a tell-tale sign that “the most wonderful time of the year” is here, and for tree farmers, that couldn’t hold truer.

“Some [people] kind of come in, they know exactly what they’re after,” said Travis Vogt, of C&T Trees in Kernersville. “Some will come over and they’ll look over the whole farm here, the whole field, and go back to the very first one.”

C&T Trees is a family operation. They spend the year selling pumpkins, mums and produce from their stand at the corner of Kernersville and Linville Roads. However, as big businesses depend on Black Friday to get in the black, this family depends on the sales of their final crop of the year to do the same.

“Yeah, this is a big part of our income for the year,” Vogt said.

Vogt believes the family will sell somewhere between 400-500 trees this year. The money will not only go towards buying presents for their children, and each other, but it will also put food on the table well into 2016.

“Definitely, definitely,” Vogt said. “This is what gets us through until, I guess spring time of next year.”

Although the money won’t last forever, the memories the trees provide for the families who take them home will.

“That’s a really good feeling, knowing that you`re sending this home, someone`s going to really enjoy it,” Vogt said.