Local family proves entrepreneurship knows no age at Savor the Moment Bakery in Greensboro

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GREENSBORO, N.C. — Small family businesses are the lifeline of any community.

One bakery in Greensboro takes the family business to a whole new level. The family opened Savor the Moment Bakery and Dessert Café two years ago. Three generations of this family operate it.

The owner says she’s teaching her kids how to be entrepreneurs early — and she’s not stopping with just her kids. What she teaches them, they’re all sharing with kids in the community.

“I make fruit pastries and bagels,” said Austin Dickens.

Austin Dickens hasn’t been baking long, only about two months, but baking is in his blood. He picked up pastries from working with his mom.

“Since she has a lot going on, she kind of delegates things for us to do,” Austin said. “That’s the thing I ended up doing.”

He tinkered with a few recipes and created some hits. He says the blueberry bagel is his favorite.

Being a business owner is also in his blood.

“My mom’s really big on entrepreneurship, so I kind of decided to start my own business. So, I had a lot of ideas. We narrowed them down, and we ended up with my pastry business.”

His mom, Tanya Dickens, opened Savor the Moment two years ago. It’s right across from the Greensboro Coliseum. Every day is a family affair there. Three generations under one roof and in one kitchen.

“My mom is our head chief baker,” Tanya said. “So, she does our pound cakes and all the old home town baking she does.”

Tanya’s mother, Sibyl Davis, has her own area in the kitchen with a sign above that says “Grandma’s Spot.”

She moved to Greensboro from Florida about eight years ago. She’s spending her retirement years helping build the family business.

“I don’t mind it at all because I’ve always been all in for whatever it is she wanted to do,” Davis told us. “So, whatever I can do to make that happen, I’m OK with it. It’s been fun.”

Tanya says her husband is the financier and part-time janitor. Their oldest daughter helps her bake and decorate. Her next-oldest handles all the IT and graphic design. Austin bakes pastries and bagels. Their youngest daughter makes candy apples. The youngest son makes sure the place is tidy.

“I believe in building generational wealth, and I believe in helping give your kids an advantage,” Tanya said. “And that’s what we’re trying to do here. So, we’re plugging everybody in. I know everyone won’t continue with the bakery business, but what they’re learning as far as being an entrepreneur, it translates to any area of your life.”

She says the desserts are just a part of what they do. Their passion is for the community that they call home.

“We’re right on the outskirts of the Glenwood area, and they’ve been so supportive of us being here. We want to do more.”

They have family game nights, family movie nights, and they’re starting a 4H program in the fall. They also have a Kidpreneur program for young aspiring entrepreneurs. They’re planning to have a market for them in August where they’re going to be able to feature their products that they sell.

Savor the Moment also started the Young Triad Bakers Club about a year and a half ago for young aspiring bakers to learn their craft and learn the business aspect of running a bakery. Some of them already have their own baking businesses.

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