Local artist creates ‘living aura’ works of art

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It’s the kind of thing that inspires a double-take.  Did I just see that?  Did I just see grass on the wall?

It’s not grass. It’s moss: that stuff that grows mostly on the north side of the trees in your yard.

Enough about moss. It’s time to tell you how Mona King uses it.  Mona had a traditional business career for years.

“I worked in corporate for 30 years,” Mona said.  “I have a degree in fine arts, and I wanted to get back in art, which is my first passion, so I went back to school for interior architecture.”

She began making what is commonly called “moss art,” although she refers to her particular work as “living aura.” 

They are works of art that can look like anything from just a visually pleasant collection of greenery to a recreation of the Amazon rain forest.

Mona’s research shows her that this kind of art is more than just visually pleasing. It’s therapeutic.

“A lot of times people are in sterile work environments or their homes. Doesn’t make them feel good.  So I want to bring something into your home or your office that makes you feel good,” Mona said.  “I bring life to your environment by design.”

Don’t worry that a “living aura” will bring in bugs or need lots of upkeep. The moss is no longer technically alive and doesn’t need upkeep.

“It deflects dust. It does not decay. It does not need to be moisturized or misted. The only thing I tell people is keep it away from pets because small animals like to dig in it,” Mona said.

 See her work in this edition of the Buckley Report.

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