Lincolnton city storm drain creates 8-foot sinkhole in front yard, woman says

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LINCOLNTON, N.C. — A 74-year-old woman has an eight-foot problem,  according to WSOC.

Carolyn Bradshaw is looking for a solution after the city of Lincolnton told her the eight-foot-deep sinkhole in her yard, which she said was caused by a Lincolnton city storm drain, is her responsibility.

When it rains, the water flows down the hill to the drain. While the water is supposed to flow to the back of the property, it instead formed the eight-foot hole.

When Bradshaw’s riding lawnmower got stuck a few days ago, her granddaughter took a closer look and found even more holes.

The family turned to the city, hoping to get the holes filled and the drain and pipes replaced.

The city, however, considers this a private issue, not a public issue.

Public Works Director Steve Peeler told WSOC, “That is our drain, but here again, once that storm water leaves the right of way of the city it becomes the property owner’s responsibility.”

While the homeowners consider this a public emergency, the city said they won’t take action unless the sinkhole reaches closer to road.

WSOC said an estimate placed the repair cost at $100,000 for the homeowners.

Bradshaw said they don’t have the finances to do that, but they also don’t want to risk someone getting hurt.

By spreading this story, Bradshaw hopes others in the area will help find a solution.

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