LGBTQ community in Lexington supporting social justice movement

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LEXINGTON, N.C. — People across the world are taking to the streets to protest racial inequality.

Now, a group in Lexington is taking that fight to people’s yards.

Allies of the LGBTQ community are using signs to elevate black voices.

Those signs say, “Take a stand, say no to racism.”

“It’s an amazing message to give out, especially coming from the LGBTQ community because they cannot share exactly the same experiences, but they can experience discrimination,” said Jennifer Hutton, the president of PFLAG Lexington, NC.

PFLAG is an organization uniting parents, families and allies with the LGBTQ community. A community that knows liberation is not a given, and it’s why they want to join the fight.

“We wanted to be against racism in a way that would encompass all racism. It’s not just the Black Lives Matter movement, which I strongly support, but it’s also racism as a whole is just wrong,” said Wanda Cox, a board member of PFLAG Lexington, NC.

The group currently has 500 signs printed and assembled.

It is message is one they hope to see spread throughout the community.

“Personally when I put that in my yard, first I’m not a huge person that would normally put something in their yard, but right now I think you are on one side or the other and I think silence is complicity. I think when you put that in your yard it’s just a subtle way for kids, relatives, friends, neighbors to know that this is a home that represents inclusion and there is no racism in that home,” Cox said.

PFLAG is taking their support a step further by putting all the proceeds into a scholarship fund for undergraduate black students.

“With all that’s going on right now with Black Lives Matter we wanted to make certain that we are not profiting off of this in any way. We want all proceeds to go towards a cause that’s extremely worthwhile, and the scholarship for education for a black student is our way of expressing that,” Cox said.

The signs are attention grabbers, but they are also a way to say, “We are with you”.

“Until every other culture, race gets involved to make this happen it’s not going to change, so we all have to come together and make this work,” Hutton said.

If you are interested in supporting PFLAG’s initiative be sure to stop by the First United Methodist Church in Lexington on Saturday.

Organizers will be accepting $12 donations for the signs from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.

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