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LEXINGTON, N.C. — A Lexington man told FOX8 bullets came flying through his SUV’s windows.

One of them struck the 51-year-old war veteran’s face.

Charles Jost was on his way home from his mother’s funeral when a car pulled alongside of him on I-77 near the North Carolina/South Carolina line.

“I saw him in the side rearview mirror. It looked like he was holding a gun outside of the window,” he recalled.

Then he heard a gun go off. The glass of his vehicle shattered.

Jost wasn’t sure if his family would have to plan another funeral.

“The bullet went in right here and came out right here,” he explained, pointing to the fractures in his face. “All of these bones here are broken.”

Jost now has his eye patched.

“I’ve lost all of my sight in my right eye. They’re not 100 percent sure if it will come back,” he added.

On Dec. 19, Jost was driving through I-77 in York County, South Carolina, when a man started firing at his car.

“The second round went through this window, through my face and out the other window,” he said. “I don’t know if it was because I was going too slow in the fast lane… I don’t know.”

Jost spent 96 hours in the hospital. He’s still trying to recover.

During the interview with FOX8, he made a joke and laughed, and then touched his face.

“I like to smile. It hurts, but I like too,” Jost said. “Because I’m still here to smile.

Jost fought in Desert Storm. He was never wounded.

“I came home with no extra holes, but now I have a few extra ones,” he said.

A simple drive down a highway put his life on the line.

“If you would have told me three weeks ago I was going to be shot in the face, I would have laughed at you,” added Jost.

He believes a tiny metal cross in his pocket that day was his protection.

“I carry that everywhere,” Jost said, as he took out the cross from his pocket.

He knows someone was watching over him.

“I believe either my mother or Him or both of them had a hand in the fact that I’m still sitting here,” said Jost.

He told FOX8 his faith is stronger than ever right now.

The man accused of shooting Jost, Isiah Obinna Ezechukwu Sr., was arrested in South Carolina. He’s facing several charges including attempted murder and possession of a stolen handgun.

The family has since started a GoFundMe to raise money for medical and living expenses while he is unable to work.

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