Learning hubs to begin for Guilford County high school students struggling in classes


GUILFORD COUNTY, N.C. — Starting on Feb. 8, Guilford County high school students will be able to take advantage of learning hubs and try to get back on track to graduate.

The first quarter of the school year, the district reported nearly 40% of students were failing; that’s compared to 29% during that same time frame in 2019.

Whitney Oakley, the chief academic officer for the district, said on Friday, “We have higher course failure rates than we did a year ago, and we know lots of students need to have that in person learning experience.”

Beginning on the second week of February, the district will allow a select group of high school students to go to these learning hubs. They will be set up at 15 of the traditional high schools and will not include those high schools associated with early and middle college courses.

Those select groups of students will be those who are failing at least one class, and/or have not been consistent with online logins. These are students who will be contacted by their principal or counselors over the next two weeks.

The hubs will include individuals who will be able to help each student complete and understand the course that they have been struggling in.

In the fall, the learning hubs were held every Saturday for individuals to use. Despite some success seen with that scheduling, the district has decided to open these learning hubs every day with two sessions, one in the morning and afternoon.

“Provide transportation, hold it during the week, have some flexible times, provide meals,” Oakley said. “That will increase the participation and the willingness.”

When asked, Oakley did explain that the district is working to accommodate those students who need to use the hubs but are unable to due to high-risk contamination factors with their family members.

“What we are working on is partnering with local universities to provide graduate assistance, for graduate students who are willing to serve as tutors for evening hours for individual students who may not be able to come and access these learning hubs,” she said.

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