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GREENSBORO, N.C. – Hundreds of family, friends and law enforcement officers gathered to pay their respects to Greensboro Police Officer Jared Franks as he was laid to rest on Saturday.

Franks was 24 years old when he died while responding to a call for a possible robbery last Saturday.

Franks was trying to avoid hitting another patrol car and crashed his patrol car into the foundation of a home.

“His whole life was focused on serving his community. And he did that and did that well. And as his father said yesterday, he died doing what he loved,” Chief Deputy Mike Ritchey said.

Those who knew him best say Officer Franks loved being a police officer.

“I’ve never, ever met another police officer who loved putting on this black uniform more than Jared Franks,” Sgt. Brad Johnson said.

Sgt. Johnson says Franks loved the job, but more importantly he loved the people.

“Whatever he was doing, if he thought someone was in trouble, whether that was a civilian or a fellow officer, he would stop what he was doing, and he would go to help,” Sgt. Johnson said.

Franks’ friends and coworkers shared stories about the young officer’s dedication, his passion to protect the city, his partners and even his supervisors.

“He always had my back, and no matter how far away he was he came when I needed him,” said his zone patrol partner, Officer T. Carver.

His passion extended beyond his work.

“I would drive by his traffic stops, and he would say, ‘oh sarge I’m just out playing,’” Sgt. Johnson said.

It was clear by the sea of public safety, family, and friends, Franks touched so many people, and his service touched even more.

“Jared, we love you, and until we meet again,” Officer Troy Campbell said.

“There will never be another Jared Franks, and I will forever love and miss him,” Officer Carver said.

“God Speed, Jared Franks. We love you. Look after your family, look after your fellow officers, and look after your G-Squad,” Sgt. Johnson said.

The Guilford County Sheriff’s Office, High Point Police, and UNCG Police all helped patrol Greensboro on Saturday in order to allow Greensboro Police Officers to come out and pay their respects to Jared Franks.

Chief Wayne Scott said the department has gotten condolences from all over, including messages from other countries.