Lack of ride share drivers leads to taxi services making comeback in the Triad


There’s demand for Uber and Lyft drivers in the Triad but just not enough drivers on the road.

That problem seems to frustrate locals and visitors. 

“When I tried to click on it says that I can get Uber, but then it’ll say no cars available. It’s frustrating,” Zachary Shooter said.

“I’ve been having to wait 15 to about 20 minutes which means, in my commute, I’ll be late to work, so that’s a problem to me,” Chelsea Williams said.

Some people in downtown Greensboro noticed problems when ordering Lyft or Uber, which is a trend making Williams and others consider another option. 

“I actually had to call a taxi one day when I was getting late for work,” Williams said.

With locals and visitors having issues with ridesharing services, taxicab companies are now seeing a demand in business.

“Always getting calls…nonstop from all over town now because of a shortage of drivers from Uber and Lyft, said Barry Abdul, owner of Classic Cab in Winston-Salem.

He notices drivers getting more rides, especially during busy weekends. 

“They will say ‘usually we’ll wait 20-30 minutes, but now it’s an hour, so we can’t wait. Can you send us a cab?’ We do our best to accommodate those riders,” Abdul said.

Due to the longer wait times and lack of drivers, Uber and Lyft are offering incentives to get drivers back on the road. 

Uber launched a $250 million stimulus to entice drivers to get back on the road 

“I just feel it would be more convenient if…more Ubers were available,” Shooter said.

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