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KERNERSVILLE, N.C. — Mickey’s Cafe in Kernersville will donate at least a couple thousand dollars to Patriot Rovers of High Point to demonstrate its support for service dogs and the veterans who need them.

The restaurant’s owner, Wendy Smith, has faced criticism after kicking a veteran and his service dog out of her restaurant Friday.

“I would like to formally apologize for my ignorance,” Smith said. “I should’ve been well-educated on this situation and I was not.”

Smith says she had received multiple complaints from customers about the presence of the dog, which belonged to Vietnam veteran Lacy Miller. Smith says she thought service animals were only for people with physical disabilities. Since Miller’s dog is for post-traumatic stress disorder, she says she did not know it was still classified as a service dog.

“I understand the law now,” Smith said. “And I sincerely apologize to Mr. Miller and his family and all the other people that I have offended in this situation.”

Miller says he was deeply hurt by being kicked out of the restaurant, but would like to use his experience to educate others about service dogs.

For Wendy Smith and Mickey’s Cafe — lesson learned.