Kentucky will pay you to drink alcohol for police to practice field sobriety tests


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LOUISVILLE, Ky. — Kentucky officials have a pretty unusual request. They want to get you to get a little tipsy.

The state’s Department of Criminal Justice Training is recruiting about 50 people to volunteer in a field sobriety training exercise in Richmond, Kentucky.

The state plans to give the volunteers regulated amounts of alcohol, so that Basic Training Academy recruits can practice conducting field sobriety tests with actual drunk people.

They plan to run several training session throughout the year with about five volunteers each.

In the comments, the DCJT added that volunteers will drink bourbon, vodka or rum, volunteer’s choice, with Coca-Cola or orange juice, and volunteers must stick around until they’re sober enough to leave.

Participants will also get a free meal and $100 for helping out.

The Department of Criminal Justice Training requires that all volunteers be at least 21-years-old with no prior DUI offenses.

Anyone interested in volunteering or looking for more information can contact Brooke Norton with the Deptartment of Criminal Justice Training at (859) 622-6453 or by email at

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