‘Keep Jamestown Jamestown’ signs flood the town in protest of development project


JAMESTOWN, N.C. — “Keep Jamestown the way it is.” That’s the message a community group is pushing through a silent protest.

It began after a proposed development meeting back in February for Castleton Village. They’re planning for it to sit on a lot on the corner of Guilford College and Mackay roads.

Residents placed signs in their yards reading “Keep Jamestown Jamestown” and “We Love Jamestown” hoping to get attention from town leaders. They want their voices heard and concerns considered.

“I love that it’s a small town. I love that when I go to city hall the people in there know me by name,” said Georgia Graham, who put a sign up in her neighborhood.

“Some people have underlined the town part underneath their sign. I also think it means keeping the feel of the community,” said Katie Gumerson, the creator of the movement.

Many believe that community feeling could be wiped away if Jamestown town leaders approve Castleton Village. The 500-acre lot could house more than 1,700 housing units, office space, walking trails and a commercial center.

“I don’t want to face all kinds of traffic coming down the road. The fact that there’s going to be so many more kids and no school for them,” Graham said.

“This development seems like a significant change in our community,” Gumerson said.

It could almost double the population in Jamestown. Not to mention, they’re concerned about the other unfinished developments not too far away.

“We’re not anti-development. We want the development to be responsible. To fit the needs of the community,” Gumerson said.

Gumerson created the Jamestown signs shortly after the public hearing about the project back in February.

“We felt like our voices aren’t being heard,” Gumerson said.

“My address is Jamestown, but I pay High Point taxes. But I live right across from the farm. So, my voice was said that, ‘We’re not going to listen to you because you’re not a constituent. You don’t pay taxes here, so your voice doesn’t matter,'” Gumerson said.

FOX8 briefly spoke with a representative from Diamond Back Investments, who’s heading up Castlenton Village. He said changes will be made to the plan after they heard the concerns from the community. There’s another meeting scheduled to discuss this on Sept. 14. He couldn’t say if this was open to the public.

FOX8 was not able to get town leaders on camera, but did speak to a representative over the phone. He said this group is taking a negative stance too soon. The planning board is still discussing the plans, and it won’t go before the town council for at least several more months. Then they will take a vote.

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