(WGHP) — Stargazers will have a chance to see two back-to-back supermoons this month.

On Tuesday, the moon will be at its peak around 7:52 p.m., but you won’t be able to see it fully until moonrise, according to NASA.

June’s full moon is referred to as the strawberry moon, and this year’s is the first of two in a row. Keep an eye out on Wednesday night for the full moon.

The term supermoon typically refers to a full moon that looks bigger and brighter than an ordinary full moon because it’s orbiting at its closest point to the Earth.

The best time to see a full moon, super or otherwise, is when it’s either rising or setting.

“The June full moon is the sweetest of the year – called Strawberry, Honey, Mead, or Rose Moon. It’s also a supermoon! The Moon appears a little bigger and brighter than average because it’s closer to Earth in its elliptical orbit,” wrote NASA Moon, a NASA Twitter account dedicated to Earth’s Moon.