Jobless protest cuts to unemployment benefits

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GREENSBORO, NC — A group of activists gathered together in Greensboro to protest potential cuts to jobless benefits being discussed by the General Assembly.

Rep. Julia Howard (R- Davie, Forsyth) has proposed cutting the maximum weekly benefit from $535 per week to $350 per week.

Those receiving less than the maximum would also have their benefits cut.

At the heart of the issue is a debt to the federal government of more than $2 billion due to the amount of money paid out in unemployment benefits during the recession.

Legislators have already begun requiring more per employee in insurance payments from employers.

Dropping the amount paid out in weekly benefits is a way of cutting spending.

Those receiving the max — like Dan Alwine — and less — like Jason Cook — do not like the idea that their benefits would be cut nearly in half.

“If I get less in unemployment and have to work two part-time jobs and don’t have time to look for a full-time job, I contribute less to the economy, the stat gets less in taxes, and everybody does worse,” Alwine said.

“It’s their fault [they’re in debt] not mine so they shouldn’t come to me and ask me for money when it’s not my fault,” Cook said.

Gov. McCrory is expected to announce this week if he favors the decrease in benefits.


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