Janna Kiger ‘out of the woods’ after facing life-threatening flu complications

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KING, N.C. — She’s been in the hospital for more than a month, but Janna Kiger’s family says she is finally on the up-and-up.

Life-threatening flu complications put Kiger in the hospital back in early March.

Kiger’s family said the virus attacked her heart, and she underwent heart surgery at Duke Hospital.

Now, the family is sharing a message of optimism.

“The doctors at Duke have officially declared Janna OUT OF THE WOODS!” her family wrote in a statement on Friday. “Janna is on the ROAD TO RECOVERY! This road will be a LONG road, but by the hands of our almighty God she is traveling on to share her testimony!”

Her family says her kidney function is improving, physical therapy is going well and Kiger is getting more restful sleep.

“Know that each one of you are loved and appreciated by our entire family!” the family wrote. “We have been blessed beyond measure and are humble by the out pour of love! Please continue to pray for Janna and our entire family.”

Pastor Donald Davis told FOX8 last month that the 24-year-old would usually sit with her family at Capella Church of Christ in King every Sunday. When she was sent to the hospital, her community felt her absence.

“The doctor told them she’s one in a million, and, of course, we already knew that knowing Janna personally. But he said out of a million people who get the flu, one ends up in this condition,” Davis said. “It is devastating to see that.”

Her faith community even held a prayer service on March 17 in her name, filling the sanctuary with friends, family and co-workers.

The pastor said the service was held at the Poplar Springs Church location to accommodate the number of people that attended.

The congregation sang songs of praise and even took up a special offering to help Kiger and her family.

Outside of the sanctuary, Kiger’s co-workers had a table of bracelets and sported “Janna Strong” t-shirts, asking for donations to help with medical expenses.

“It’s just some little way to show that as a small community we can try to come together and show that we love her and we’re praying for her and her family,” said Chelsea Armstrong, Kiger’s co-worker.

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