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FLINT, Mich. — Jaden Smith is helping to lead the effort to bring clean water back to Flint, Michigan.

The 20-year-old son of actor Will Smith is also the founder of the company JUST goods, which sells “ethically sourced and bottled” water.

Now, he’s partnering with First Trinity Missionary Baptist Church to bring a mobile water filtration system to help filter lead and other pollutants out of Flint’s water, according to the Associated Press.

Smith’s foundation, 501CTHREE, and his company JUST goods worked with the church to develop the system, which they call “The Water Box.” The project was also put together with the help of The Last Kilometer, Rethink H2O and Black Millennials for Flint.

Smith and his mother Jada Pinkett Smith attended the unveiling on Saturday, according to WEYI.

“We want to continue to service Flint and to put more ‘Water Boxes’ here and just to talk to the community and say, ‘Hey, how can we help? What’s next? What can we do to make life easier?'” Smith said, according to WJRT.

The church has already been working to combat water concerns in Flint by providing more than 5 million bottles of water to people in the area since lead contamination was discovered back in 2014, the AP reports. Over time, however, donations have thinned.

The lead worked its way into the water from pipes that were not properly treated to prevent corrosion following the city’s decision to draw drinking water from the Flint River.